It is well known that electrification is the current trend in transport vehicles, but that doesn’t mean the end for the internal combustion engine.

The company had developed a new design of internal combustion engine that surpasses all current designs of internal combustion engines and the current or future coming electrical systems.

The Arion engine is a new category of its own, the unique design has many advantages in performance that no current technology can compete with.

Following is a section view of partially complete Arion engine. With all its main components




The engine functions by a new patent-pending revolutionary design in transferring the fuel combustion energy to a shaft power. it uses only bearing to deliver power with no side loaded sliding motion

The actual tests conducted on the mechanism shows large increase in power delivery and huge reduction of frictional losses. Adding to that many special characteristic that had never been achieved in conventional designs such as:

  • High precision intake volumetric control.
  • Responsive adjustable compression ratio.
  • pressure controlling throttling system


1.1.                    Engine description

The engine can be classified as a two stroke apposed piston engine this configuration was abandoned after Second World War for its complexity. But because of its many advantages, in recent years this configuration had been approached by major multimillion dolor research companies as EcoMotors , Achates Power .but still there is not yet a commercial product on the market. As it still has many difficulties as scavenging, oiling and throttling.

Our unique design allowed a solution for all limitations in the apposed piston engine with major advantages over any current internal combustion engine as

  • Cleaner emissions
  • Increased efficiency
  • High power to wait ratio
  • negligible vibrations

Adding to The above advantages. The engine is very simplified and has only 11 repetitive parts. All manufactured by simple machining of raw metal blocks, with no special manufacturing techniques as casting or heat treatment …… , and no special machining tools or molds. Thus the cost of fabrication and assembly is not heavily affected by mass production.

At the start of commercial production in is estimated that the 400cc engine will cost around 700 $ about 30% of the cost of engines in the same power category





1.2.                    Applications

The Arion engine is a game changer and a disruptive technology in the automotive industry as it can be implemented in most type of vehicles,

  • sport motorbikes ,
  • our engine has the highest power to Wight ratio in the market ,the small sized engine has the advantages of a very fast response ,low end torque, high revolution speeds, which makes it the best choice for sport bikes to achieve highest acceleration in a light Wight motorcycle .


In the engine size range of 400cc. the engine is expected to deliver up to 90 bhp with expected total engine weight of 25kg and a total motorcycle Wight of 120 Kg ,this remarkable characteristic can only be found in competition motorcycles of a price range over 20,000 $, but since the engine manufacturing cost around 700 $ (at the starting stages of production ,expected to get much cheaper later on after outsourcing components from cheaper sources)  ,the motorcycle will be a direct success in the market.


This engine size will be the first to be manufactured since it will generate the highest profit margin in low production quantity



  •  consumer bikes in the size of 100cc

the Arion engine is going to shine in this category for its reliability , long life ,low manufacturing cost.


we are planning to lease this technology to major manufacturers in china and India as they have the highest number of unit sold in the market, the profit margin will be much lower but it we be compensated by the huge number of unit solid





  • Cars and trucks

Heavy vehicles will be in later stages. This technology will be a necessity in fully electrical vehicles as a range extender benefiting of the wide range alternative fuels as diesel, biodiesel, methanol ….


  • Engine Other applications

Any field that requires reliable high density energy sources as aircrafts, snow mobiles, boats, Jet Ski, Rc toys, generators ……

This technology might influence other emerging technologies as robotics and drones.


  • Non engine related applications

The same engine technology can be used to make air compressors, vacuum pumps, hydrolic motors,,, and many other applications




The Arion engine is new area of internal combustion engines. The unique tested mechanism opened new possibilities that could not be achieved before and we are confidante that the engine will last even after the area of fossils fuels, burning efficiently a wide range of alternative bio fuels. We will see in the future decade how this technology will evolve



1.3.                    Current development stage

In September 2017 The Company finished designing and testing of the engine mechanism, and provisional patent is to be submitted. In April 2019 the optimized engine design will be released .the commercial production is expected to  start in 2019 of the 400 cc engine to be used on our motorcycles. At that stage we will start contacting automotive manufacturers to study global utilization 

the company contracted with one of the best engineering consulting companies in the Jordan market as it is expected to receive a 45,000$ grant from (The Higher Council for Science and Technology HCST) to cover the remaining cost of development.


1.4.                    Project expected value

The value of this technology is difficult to estimate at this stage, this innovation design might overtake the current automotive industry which worth billions.

But for our modest expectation in 5 to 10 years these technologies will allow the company to compete with automotive giants and reach an average sales of 20,000 unit per year which will generate up to 30 million$ in profit

But the main benefit is in  leasing of these technologies to other major manufacturer such as motorcycle manufacturers in china, India, and Africa as they produce  about 3 million units per year such agreements can generate fast income of about 20 million per year as soon as the design is finalized